Independent Study Option for Students

Independent Study is available for any student whose parent determines their “pupil's health is considered at-risk,” by the return to in-person instruction. Students enrolled in Independent Study will transfer to Heritage Valley Independent Study (HVIS) and will work with a teacher from HVIS. The grade level of the student determines how much daily and weekly time is spent with the teacher: see the table below. Students will be required to complete asynchronous work during the day outside of the time with the teacher. Parents have the right to return to in-person instruction. If a parent requests a return to in-person instruction, Fillmore Unified School District will place the student in a class within five (5) days of the request.

Grade Level 

Synchronous Instruction 

(Minutes online with teacher) 

Live Interaction 

(Check with school staff) 

Transitional Kindergarten 

45 minutes daily 



45 minutes daily 


1st Grade 

45 minutes daily 


2nd Grade – 3rd Grade 

60 minutes daily 


4th Grade – 5th Grade 

60 minutes twice weekly 


6th Grade – 8th Grade 



9th Grade – 12th Grade 



Contact your child's school if you are interested in Independent Study.