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Our Goal

The goal of Child Nutrition Services is to make a significant contribution to the overall physical and mental well-being of each student to enable them to participate fully in the education process. We provide wholesome, high quality, nutritious and appetizing meals to both students and staff. The staff prepares most of the meals from scratch to ensure healthy and fresh food choices for the students. We partner with local farms to bring to freshest fruits and vegetables to our students while supporting local farms.
Fillmore Unified School District is a participant in the National School Breakfast, National School Lunch, and After School Supper programs. Meals are served at no charge during the 2018-2019 school year to all students at all sites because the District participates in a Federal Meal Program called Provision 2.
Our District's School Wellness Policy encourages students and their families to make food and physical activity choices for a healthy lifestyle. It also sets strict guidelines for the type of food that is offered to our students and meets the nutrient requirements for their age group. It also addresses the issue of foods being sold on campus for fundraisers.
Research by the United States Department of Agriculture has shown that students who eat nutritious school meals learn better and meeting nutritional requirements throughout childhood is vital to full intellectual development. The USDA also states that children who aren't hungry feel better, learn better, and behave better.
Food for Sale Standards
The types of food sold in the schools will contribute to the daily nutritional needs of the Children, providing healthy food choices and well-balanced meals to children, following the Dietary guidelines provided by the Department of Agriculture. Food sold for special or extracurricular events cannot be sold during school lunchtimes in competition with the school meal program.

Child Nutrition Services Staff

Jason Corona
Director of Child Nutrition Services
(805) 524-6164
Barbara Vazquez
Child Nutrition Services Manager
(805) 524-6162
Mariela Contreras
Account Clerk II
(805) 524-8076
Michelle Ruiz
Clerk Typist III
(805) 524-6163
Carrie Alamillo
District Caterer/Prep Chef
(805) 524-6170
Marco Sandoval
Warehouse Delivery
(805) 524-8061
Wynona Cronin
FHS Cafeteria Manager
(805) 524-6127
Abraham Vargas
FMS Cafeteria Manager
(805) 524-6058
Jackie Baughman
Mountain Vista Cafeteria Manager
(805) 524-8306
Yazmin Medina 
Piru Cafeteria Manager
(805) 524-8284
Lori Schneider
San Cayetano Cafeteria Manager
(805) 524-6045
Tammy Short
Rio Vista Cafeteria Manager
(805) 524-8356