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Our Goal
The goal of Child Nutrition Services is to provide nutritious meals to both students and staff. The staff prepare most of their meals from scratch to ensure healthy food choices for the students. The remainder of the meals come from USDA in the form of commodities and is processed by food processors. By using USDA commodity foods it allows the department to stay within their budget.

Fillmore Unified School District is a participant in the National School Breakfast, National School Lunch, and After School Supper programs. Meals are served at no charge during the 2016-2017 school year to all students at all sites because the District participates in a Federal Meal Program called Provision 2.


Our District's School Wellness Policy encourages students and their families to make food and physical activity choices for a healthy lifestyle. It also sets strict guidelines for the type of food that is offered to our students and meets the nutrient requirements for their age group. It also addresses the issue of foods being sold on campus for fundraisers.


Research by the United States Department of Agriculture has shown that students who eat nutritious school meals learn better and meeting nutritional requirements throughout childhood is vital to full intellectual development. The USDA also states that children who aren't hungry feel better, learn better, and behave better.