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Welcome to the Bridges After School Program (ASES)! The Bridges After School Program/ASES will continue operating remotely at this time from Monday to Friday. The program is providing homework help, tutoring, and enrichment activities daily.  Students must check in with their program each day for attendance purposes.
At this time, Mountain Vista is only accepting applications for the waiting list.  Rio Vista, San Cayetano, Piru, and Fillmore Middle School still have limited space available.  Please turn in your application as soon as possible.  Please complete the application and email to
En este momento, Mountain Vista solo acepta solicitudes para la lista de espera. Las escuelas Rio Vista, San Cayetano, Piru y Fillmore Middle School todavía tienen espacio limitado disponible. Entregue su solicitud lo antes posible. Complete la solicitud y envíe un correo electrónico a
ASES Kickball Teams! 
The "One Kick Wonders," of Rio Vista!!
Team Mountain Vista in cool, homemade tie-dye uniforms!
The San Cayetano Eagles after a rainy away game in Piru!
The Condors of Piru and coach Lidia, after their home game with San Cayetano!
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math is "STEAM"
MV - Health & Fitness / Makerspace Engineering
Piru - Garden Habitats / Health & Fitness
Rio - Media Lab & Tech. / Garden Habitats
SC - Makerspace Engineering / Media Lab & Tech.
FMS - Garden, Engineering,
Teaching and Learning In Bridges!!
What is the ASES/Bridges After-School Program and
How Do You Sign Your Children Up?
Fillmore Unified School District is honored to provide a high-quality after-school enrichment program at all elementary sites and the middle school in Fillmore, for free!  Our program operates Monday - Friday from dismissal until 6 p.m. on all regular school days
ASES/Bridges is free because it is funded by the federal government.  The monies provided are intended to help families who can't pick up their kids after regular day-school dismissal. As such, we prioritize placement based on a family's need and if students can meet daily attendance requirements and program expectations.
A limited number of spots are currently available at all sites.  You can pick up an application in any school site main office.  To enroll if school offices are closed, download our application using the above links, fill it out and return to the District Office.  You will be notified as soon as possible if your child is in.
Our program and curriculum is based on integrated units of study with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math.  Our program is highly-academic, fun, safe and staffed by skilled, caring staff members.  Each day, all students receive:

• Academic enrichment
• Project-based learning opportunities
• Technology-based activities
• Daily homework time, recreation and snack
• Learning, Exploring, Fun!!
For 2020/21, our areas of focus are to maintain and improve:

• Student Safety
• Academic Outcomes
• Program Compliance
• Family Engagement
Learn more about ASES and join us!
Vision Statement
The ASES/Bridges After-School Program provides a safe and structured after-school learning environment that will enrich the lives of Fillmore Unified students. ASES/Bridges staff members positively influence students by being the best versions of themselves each day. In doing so, they build long-lasting friendships and positive relationships with parents and help children succeed academically and socially while making learning fun.
Contact ASES Staff and ASES Sites
Fillmore Middle - 805 524 6064
Mountain Vista - 805 524 8309
Piru - 805 524 8283
San Cayetano - 805 524 8129
Rio Vista - 805 524 8358