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Measure G
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Updated: October 10, 2022
What is Measure G?
Measure G is a general obligation bond on the November 8th 2022 ballot. If approved by 55% of district votes cast, it will result in an extension of the current tax rate to authorize $41.6 million to make critical renovations and improve schools and classrooms throughout the Fillmore Unified School District. In addition, voter approval of Measure G may allow the district to qualify for state matching funds.
Will Measure G increase my taxes?
No, it is projected that Measure G will not increase your taxes. Measure G is designed to extend a previous tax rate with an estimated average annual tax rate of 5 cents per $100 of assessed value. Assessed value should not be confused with market value. The assessed value placed on the property by Ventura County is typically lower than the market value.
What projects will be funded through Measure G?
On 6/21/22, the FUSD board of Trustee approved Resolution 21-22-20 Ordering an Election, and Establishing Specifications of the Election Order. This resolution includes the full proposition of Measure G, including a project list, goals and purposes of the measure and types of projects authorized for funding. Below are the Board priorities from the project list from the resolution. Please note that the FUSD Governing Board has identified the building of a new athletic complex as the first priority project. Additional funding will be allocated to improving and upgrading school sites based on need. The community, staff, and students will have opportunities to provide input.
Project List
The Board of Education of the Fillmore Unified School District is committed to improving the quality of education in local schools by providing safe, secure, upgraded classrooms, labs and technology needed to support high-quality instruction including in math, science, engineering and technology. To that end, the Board evaluated the District’s urgent and critical facility needs, including safety issues, class size reduction, basic repairs, computer and information technology in developing the types of projects to be funded by this measure as described below.
In approving this Project List, the Board of Education determines that the District must:

(1) Replace aging physical education facilities at Fillmore High School; and

(2) Improve older classrooms, sites, facilities and technology to support high-quality academic programs including in science, technology, reading, writing and math; and

(3) Make essential upgrades to critical facility infrastructure and electrical wiring systems to support technology in the classroom; and
(4) Provide modern classrooms to reduce overcrowding and better prepare students for college and in-demand careers; and
(5) Adhere to specific fiscal accountability safeguards:
   (a) All expenditures subject to annual independent financial audits.
   (b) All funds stay local – in Fillmore. The State cannot redirect or take away any monies.
   (c) All expenditures reviewed by an independent citizen oversight committee to ensure that funds are spent only as authorized.
   (d) Public disclosure on how all bond funds are spent.
What is a general obligation (G.O.) bond and what kinds of projects can they fund?
California school districts commonly use G.O. bonds to fund improvement projects, such as constructing and renovating classrooms. Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are repaid over time. Funds to repay the bonds come from a tax on all taxable property- residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural – located within the district. G.O. bonds cannot be used for teacher or administer salaries.

Can Developer Fees fund the projects identified in Measure G?
State law limits what school districts may require builders to pay. The district is currently charging builders the maximum allowed, $4.79 per square foot for residential construction and $0.78 per square foot for commercial/industrial construction. The state adjusts the maximum fee amount every other year. Last year (fiscal year 2021-22) the district collected $145,167 in fees.

Will the existing FHS Gymnasium remain?
Yes. The existing FHS gymnasium will remain and be used for physical education classes, and athletics. Measure G will provide funding to build a new athletic complex at FHS. The complex will provide new (boys and girls) team rooms, a new wrestling room, a weight room, and a gymnasium to be used for all physical education classes and athletic teams. It will also provide a much-needed large multipurpose space to accommodate school-wide assemblies, college and career fairs, testing accommodations, and additional schoolwide events.
What will happen to the current Varsity Baseball field?
The varsity field will be relocated to the current J.V. baseball field located on Shiells Dr. The J.V. team will play on the renovated baseball field at Fillmore Middle School.
What projects were funded through the passage of Measure V in 2016?
Please see the measure V tab on the homepage of the FUSD website for a list of districtwide projects funded through Measure V.
What projects from Measure V are still in process?
Shade Structures - Three shade structures have been installed: 1 at San Cayetano, and 2 at Rio Vista.
Additional shade structures are planned as follows:
Site # of Shade Structures Current Status Identified
FHS 2 – 1 in the Quad, 1 near the Arts Bldg. Fully Approved – Project was bid June 2022, only one response received which was much higher than the architect’s estimate; will be rebid early 2023 for construction summer 2023 Measure V
Sierra HS 1 Fully Approved – Project going to bid October 2022 for installation over winter break Measure V
Mountain Vista 2 – 1 in kinder play area, 1 near cafeteria play structure Paperwork submitted to State for approval, our goal is to install Spring 2023 Expanded Learning Opportunities funding
San Cayetano 2 – 1 over cement foundation at the north side of campus, 1 over new installation of swings for Special Ed kinder classroom Paperwork submitted to State for approval, our goal is to install Spring 2023 Expanded Learning Opportunities funding
Piru 2 – 1 additional next to current lunch shade, 1 over swings Paperwork submitted to State for approval, our goal is to install Spring 2023 Expanded Learning
Opportunities funding
Additional projects prioritized by the FUSD Board of Trustees:
Rio Vista
Upgrade Play Structure in Kindergarten Area
Restroom Facility
San Cayetano
Install Swings and add Pour in Place ground cover
HVAC for the Cafeteria
Additional Restroom Facility
HVAC for the Cafeteria
Fillmore Middle School
Shade Structures in Quads and Revamp Concrete
Fillmore High School
Phase 2 Upgrades: Library / Career Center & Cafeteria
Replace Windows in the Arts Building
Install HVAC in the Arts Building