Ventura County Sheriff Media Release

Dear FUSD Families,

Today, at approximately 3:00 p.m., the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office posted the media release below. We are working in cooperation with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department and will also have staff posted visibly outside of each school site.

It’s important to remind your children of important safety habits. Children walking to and from school should be aware of their surroundings. If they see something that is unusual, they should immediately report it to an adult, either a school staff member or the police. If your child reports something to you, report it to a school staff member, or the police.

You should also actively monitor your children’s activity on social media. Children use social media for a variety of reasons including connecting with classmates and in some cases meeting new people. Your supervision is important to ensure the content shared is appropriate. You should report suspicious activity on social media to either school officials or the police.

It’s important for us all to work together to ensure our children have a safe learning environment.

Thank you,
Christine Schieferle, Superintendent
Fillmore Unified School District