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Distance Learning High School

    • Students in grades 2-12 and their teachers will use Microsoft Teams to access their online Distance Learning
    • 2-5th grade students will be getting their log in information after the spring break.
    • 6-12th grade students have been using Teams this school year. If they need help remembering their log in information they can email their principal. 
    • Students without access to a device are directed to contact their principal or teacher 
    • Please check back regularly for updates 
Microsoft Teams
Students whose devices have the full Teams application installed should access the program from their device. This link is a back up in case personal devices do not have the Teams application installed.
Khan Academy
Instructional videos for many content areas
Ventura Library
Access e-books and online resources using your library card. 
Turn It In
Teacher feedback and anti-plagiarism document submission site
AP Online Review Sessions
Daily Advance Placement Classes hosted in You Tube by the College Board
Crash Course
Crash Course content are videos
Wide Open
Wide Open Call Content Areas Lessons
Unique Learning System