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Young Writers Contest

Contest Rules: 
  • General:
    1. Students in grades 1 - 12 may enter one item in each category: story, poem, and graphic design.
    2. All entries must be original and reflect the student’s own work.
    3. Graphic design entries must include the phrase "Fillmore Young Writers Contest" and the year: 2024
    4. Students may enter work completed at any time during the school year. Entries do not
       need to be created specifically for the contest.
    5. All entries must be submitted digitally. Digital scans of hand drawn graphic images are acceptable.
    6. Entries must be submitted using the online entry form. This form must be accessed using a Fillmore School District account.  
    7. If you are submitting an entry for more than one category, you must complete a separate 
      form for each entry.

  • Formatting and File Type Requirements: 
    1. Stories and poems must have a title and should be typed in an easy-to-read font such as 
      Times New Roman or Calibri. Digital scans of hand drawn graphic images are acceptable.
    2. Please use the following naming convention for your entries:
      • Stories and poems: Grade Category Title. For example, 3 Story Becoming A Cowboy or 8 Poem Summer
      • Graphic designs: Grade Category Student Name. For example, 4 Graphic Design Kristyn Bennett
Questions?? Contact Kristyn Bennett at [email protected] for more information.