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Measure V Bond Oversight Committee

Background Information

On November 8, 2016 the voters of the Fillmore Unified School District approved a general obligation bond proposition (Measure V). Measure V authorized the District to issue up to $35,000,000 of general obligation bonds to finance various capital projects, and related costs, as specified in the bond measure provisions of Measure V. In April 2017, the district issued $4,000,000 Series A bonds. The proceeds from the sale of the bonds are to be used to repair and upgrade older classrooms and school facilities, including leaky roofs, deteriorating plumbing, electrical, heating / air conditioning systems, upgrade electrical wiring, fire alarms / emergency communications systems, improve vocational educational facilities, acquire, construct / repair classrooms, sites, facilities equipment and qualify for State matching funds.

The Fillmore Unified School District Board of Education is seeking volunteers to serve on the Measure V Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee.
Project Information
Public Record Documents
2016 Election, GO Bonds, Series A (Bank Qualified) Documents